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Award-Winning Music from 2b

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At 2b Royalty Free you are in good hands when it comes to music for your production, project or product.

Our composer's achievements in this area are many, with recent highlights including winning several network TV commissions for ITV and Channel 4, plus commercials for the likes of 888 Poker and Saudi Arabia's largest sugar company, Al Osra.

Music from 2b continues to adorn award-winning films such as the BBC's The Guernica Children (Royal Television Society Award for Best Documentary), Matthew Mascheri's enveloping, time-lapse, dome production Second City (Harmony Award for 'Best Full-Dome Mood-Elevating Visual/Music Production') and Pierre Langer and his team were awarded 'Best Sound' at the annual German Game Developers Awards for The Settlers - Rise Of An Empire.

Can royalty-free music really be this good and yet so affordable? The answers can be found in our growing catalogue...

Try the Featured Tracks below, as just a taste of what we can provide in many different genres. Then browse the Download Library in full, to find music nirvana for your latest project.

Have fun!

Featured Tracks
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Battle Of Armageddon £14.00
Corner £17.00
Lift Me Up £20.00
Karis Voyage £20.00
Stringed Groove £17.00
Do It £20.00
I Remember When £20.00
Essence Of Asia £20.00
Rock The Road £17.00
Arabian Thief £20.00
Featured Tracks

All you ever wanted to know about Royalty Free Production Music...

The Royalty Free Production Music FAQ

Royalty Free Music has come about through a desire for cheaper alternatives to the use of commercial music and even standard production library music in audio-visual productions. These buyout music companies operate under much simpler and more cost effective licence terms, making often complex and time-consuming copyright clearances substantially easier to manage. They can also provide for the music needs of the oft-neglected semi-pro and amateur user, as well as broadcast and film professionals the world over.

2b-royaltyfree’s definitive Royalty Free Production Music FAQ will answer any questions you have as to how using our royalty-free production music library can help your business and save you money. We've placed handy links throughout the text to lead you straight to where you need to go for further information or associated music and sound fx. If you need further help please don’t hesitate to contact us.


What is the difference between Royalty Free Music, Buyout Music, Production Music and Copyright Free Music?

Why and when should I use music from 2b Royalty Free?

What makes 2b Royalty Free so different from other production music websites?

Tell me about your music download quality?

Are there any other delivery options available?

How do I pay for my Buyout Music tracks?

Can I have the music cut to a different length?

I can't find what I'm looking for. Can you help?

What is the difference between Royalty Free Music, Buyout Music, Production Music and Copyright Free Music?

Good question! There is growing convergance in these industries with many companies offering largely the same service under different names. These terms are interpreted slightly differently wherever you look but the most widely supported definitions are as follows:

Royalty Free Music - Music which is bought for set fee and can subsequently be used for an unlimited duration in multiple productions without further payment of so-called sync fees or mechanical royalties, provided that such uses are permitted under the licensor’s terms of use. The difficulty people have with this description is that they assume that there is no copyright in the music - there is! The original composer still owns the rights to the music and is legally entitled to performance royalties for any public performance of their music, whether that be via radio, television, in-store, public events, or merely online. In many cases the broadcaster, place of business or hosting venue will be responsible for the performance licence but care must be taken to ensure there is a valid licence in place, particularly in the case of websites, where the website owner has sole responsibility. If in doubt contact your local Performing Rights Organisation or talk to us about our Copyright Free Music solutions (see below). 2b Media Services can accept no liability for third party claims against users who fail to acquire the appropriate licences.

Buyout Music - Much the same definition as Royalty Free Music. Pay a one-time fee for unlimited use of a track in your productions or business applications, but again within the terms of the licence agreement.

Copyright Free Music - Similar to Royalty Free Music but Performing Rights are also included in the purchase price meaning that you would not need an additional performance/broadcasting licence (administered by PRS in the UK) in order to play the music in public or via on-hold systems. This is clearly a good thing but in truth the best composers will be writing music for television and film and will therefore have to be PRS members, so you may not expect the best quality music from suppliers of copyright free music. Even so 2b Royalty Free are able to cover PRS-free applications through the supply of music by ‘out of copyright’ classical composers, traditional works and the very best, hand-picked, non-PRS composers.

Production Music - Production music could include royalty-free and copyright-free libraries but more commonly refers to libraries whose sync licences (Mechanical Copyrights) are administered by the global copyright organisations such as MCPS (in the UK) and the Harry Fox Agency (In the US). Licensing through these organisations is usually much more expensive and often private or semi-professional applications are impossible to gain clearances for.

Why and when should I use music from 2b Royalty Free?

Using royalty free production music can benefit virtually any business and save you money in any number of applications. Here are just a few examples of corporate, professional and private royalty free music uses:

Advertising - TV, radio or web, our music will enhance your commercial like no other. Many of our tracks are available in pre-cut 30 second and 60 second edits, so you’ll have no trouble finding a suitable track for your latest ad campaign.

Broadcast Television - Use just as you would standard production music libraries but without the additional costs associated with worldwide sales of your programme. Also, if the broadcaster doesn’t have a blanket sync licence (MCPS) in place you will find it so much cheaper than licensing production music through your local copyright organisation. Our standard licence even allows use in long-running TV themes and title music packages without extra fees.

Film & Theatre Productions - Whether for general release, private viewing or the festival film circuit, our film music covers virtually every movie and dramatic style imaginable.

Multimedia, Web Design & FLASH - Need some loops or sound effects for your Flashy new website? Producing a CD-ROM for a major corporate client? Spice up your Podcasts and YouTube videos, or funkify your Powerpoint presentations and slideshows...whatever you need is right here.

Music On-Hold (IVR Systems) - It has been clinically proven that when background music from is played on IVR (on-hold) telephone systems, customers wait an average of 53.2% longer than if left listening to on-hold music from any other music company! Ok, that’s not strictly true but better to have music than not, right?

On-Chip Products & Computer Games - Grab some music for a new electronic toy or explore our wide selection of atmospheric and cinematic orchestral scores for your latest console hit or indie game.

On-Site Background Music - You will find background music suitable for therapies and meditation, dance teachers and gyms, conferences, restaurants, waiting rooms and shopping malls, creches, kid's clubs and children's music groups plus your very own iPod or living room.

Video & DVD Productions - Such as corporate , wedding, promotional or training videos and DVDs, even home movies, whether for sale or public viewing. And much more! - Media Training, School/College Productions, Theme Parks, Demonstrations, Installations, Email/Viral Marketing, Ringtones...the list goes on.

What makes 2b Royalty Free so different from other production music websites?

Quality Control - There are a growing number of royalty free production music websites that accept submissions from anyone and everyone who owns a piece of music-making software. They are most often bloated with any number of poorly recorded and arranged pieces of music, making the good stuff very difficult to find. At 2b Royalty Free, we actively source only the best royalty free production music on the web in any given genre, removing a lot of the hard work you have in finding music that is worthy of your production.

Comprehensive Music Search Facility - We have designed our website and music library database with the key focus of providing the most comprehensive and flexible music search facility in the business, which again makes finding your perfect piece of production music as efficient as possible. With our system you're not stuck with a generic list of musical styles to browse through. You can search by Project Type, Music Style/Genre, Instrument or Ensemble Type and Size, Mood, Edit Type, physical CD Album Title and by Composer. You can even Tempo-match tracks for creative editing and layering by sorting the BPM Values. Search freely using any combination of the search filters and then order your results by clicking on the column headers (Title, Composer, Duration, Tempo or Price). We've even provided Quick Start buttons for all the most-used genres, including Royalty Free Classical Music, Rock Music, Dance Music,, Jazz Music, Film Music, Piano Music, World Music, Flash Loops and Sound Effects.

Exclusive Tracks - A large proportion of our music is produced in-house by our Creative Director Colin Willsher, who has scored over 200 broadcast music commissions and written for the likes of EMI, BBC, ITV, National Geographic, Discovery, Speedo and many, many more. All of Colin's tracks are always available here first alongside the very best providers of royalty free music from around the web. If you're looking for high-quality production music, right here is the place 2b! Make sure you bookmark the site before you leave.

Tell me about your music download quality?

Most tracks are delivered as 256kbps MP3 files and you can download them immediately after payment. We’ve done thorough testing on the audio quality of these MP3s and found them to be indistinguishable from the original WAV masters. 44.1Khz 16bit WAV files are provided for all Loop Packs in order that they will loop without glitching. Download times will vary depending on the length of the tracks and the speed of your internet/broadband connection but the formats we deliver offer the very best mix of high-quality sound and the fastest downloads.

Are there any other delivery options available?

Yes. At the top of the Downloads page you will find a Delivery On CD option. Add this to your shopping cart and all your tracks will be transferred as full CD quality WAV Files to a Mac/PC formatted CDROM and sent by post - if you would prefer an audio CD just email your requirements straight after completing the transaction. You can still download the MP3 versions to use as placeholders in your edit until the CD arrives. The cost of this service is for time and materials only and includes postage worldwide. Now you can have the best of both worlds and have all your music purchases from 2b-royaltyfree safely archived for future use.

Please note that many of the tracks in our download area are also available on Royalty Free CD Albums. If you want real value for money and are likely to use royalty free music on a regular basis be sure to check them out.

How do I pay for my Buyout Music tracks?

Our payment services are looked after on the secure servers of WorldPay and we can take most major credit and debit cards. If you prefer you can contact us directly to arrange payments by Paypal, direct bank transfers, business purchase orders or even private cheques, provided they are drawn on a UK bank in pounds sterling.

Can I have the music cut to a different length?

Whatever you need! Send us an email with your requirements and we will come back promptly with a most competitive quote. And our offline services don’t stop there. We can provide custom music services ranging from full and exclusive, bespoke scores to the tiniest edit or audio format conversion.

I can't find what I'm looking for. Can you help?

We take customer service very seriously indeed. We are always happy to conduct music searches for you and have acted as music consultants for any number of TV, film and non-broadcast clients. We've even written custom music on the spot to help our clients out. So please don't hestitate to get in touch. And while you're at it, tell us how you use our music, what styles and edits you require most and how we might improve our service to you. We might make a great deal of noise but we’re good at listening too!

2b Royalty Free Production Music Library

Have fun with our music!

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